Windshield Repair

Windshield Remedy is the leader in windshield repair in today’s market.

Our processes are state-of-the-art and use all of the latest industry technology. Because of our industry leading methods, we blow away our competition when it comes to our capabilities. We even have been called to repair windshields after some of our competition has attempted to fix them and failed. Also, we receive calls on a weekly basis, in which our customer tells us they have been denied services elsewhere because of our competitors inability to repair damage. In almost every case, we successfully repair their windshield and gain a valued repeat customer.

We repair stars, chips, bullseyes, and even long cracks over 30″ in windshields.

Our repair process visibly reduces the damage 70-95%, depending on the severity of damage and how long it has been in the windshield. While the cosmetics of the repair is important, it is the structural integrity of the windshield that is the most important issue. Windshield Remedy completely restores the structural integrity of the windshield in all repairs. Our repair process produces amazing results and is why we can be confident that the repair will not crack, spread, or reappear.

Windshield repair types

Windshield Remedy specializes in long crack repairs. 

Visibly, they clear up as if a hair was placed on the windshield after the repair. Most all of the glare is removed and only a small hairline remains. The most important factor to the aesthetics of a windshield crack repair is the length of time the crack has been in the windshield. If it has been over a month or two, more than likely dirt and debris has gotten into the crack and will affect the cosmetics of the repair. Even if a long crack is dirty, we can still repair it and restore the strength to the damaged area. Most customers who contact us quickly, though, have a hard time spotting a repair. For the best possible results, it is best to contact us within a week of noticing the long crack.

All of our windshield repairs come standard with a on workmanship.

This means that our repairs will not crack, spread, or reappear, and are as strong as the rest of the windshield. We offer FREE mobile service to the Houston Area and repairs usually take about 15 minutes. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the current technology, standard procedures, and proper techniques of the windshield repair industry so that our clients can feel completely comfortable with the repair process.

Call or contact us to schedule your appointment today and avoid astronomical replacement costs tomorrow!

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