Plastic Trim Restoration

Windshield Remedy restores your faded, oxidized and tired plastic trim.

If your exterior trim is now shades lighter than the black it once was, call us now!

We have the same high-quality standards for our plastic trim restoration as we have become known for in the windshield repair industry. At Windshield Remedy, two things are for certain: our products last and our processes are proven.

The hot, coastal Houston climate is terrible for the preservation of your vehicle’s exterior plastic trim.

You have noticed this if your vehicle is over a year old. Your mirrors, door handles, fender flares, bed rails, bumper steps, cowl or running boards are now evidence of the harshness of our climate.

Windshield Remedy any of your black (or grey) exterior plastic trim.

Windshield Remedy truly restores any of your black (or grey) exterior plastic trim.

Our products and processes dissolve all oxidation in the plastic, restore its carbon footprint, and replenish it with valuable UV inhibitors to help preserve it long-term. We have seen our product last over 15 months with no change in color in our climate. As with anything, results will be determined by your vehicle care and maintenance practices.

We are proud and excited to now extend our plastic trim restoration services beyond our dealership clients and offer them to you. There is such a need in our area that we want our customers to benefit from our services just like our dozens of dealerships have in the past.

Please visit our gallery and see the outstanding Before & After results that we have been able to achieve. If there is anything we can do to help restore your vehicle, please let us know!

Call or contact us to schedule your appointment today and bring your exterior trim back to life!

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