Cold Weather Tips: Think Twice about Turning your Defroster On

January is one of our coldest months here in Texas, so we have put together a list of Cold weather tips to help prevent further damage to your windshield during the frosty weather. 
Try a De-icing Spray or an Ice Scraper Instead of Turning on Your Defrost
When it is cold outside take a second thought before melting ice with your car heater. When glass is heated up very quickly it can cause serious damage, thus making the cracks in your windshield worse. Be vigilant when scraping ice off your windshield that you are not applying too much pressure, because that can also cause damage to your windshield as well.
Park Away from Trees and Branches
During the winter months fallen branches are much more common than during the other months of the year. Heavy ice makes the branches much more prone to breakage by weighing them down. Not only can fallen branches cause damage to your windshield it can also damage other parts of your car’s exterior.
Repair Chips or Cracks As Soon As Possible
While windshield repair might not be on the top of your Winter Car maintenance list, repairing your windshield could save you the hassle and cost of total windshield replacement. Even small cracks or chips can spread very quickly with the drastic temperature changes that come with our costal climate and may become so drastic that they require a total windshield replacement if not repaired. 
If you are in need of a windshield repair, fill out our form below to schedule your repair. Repairs typically take about 15 minutes, and all of our windshield repairs are backed by our lifetime guarantee. We guarantee that our repairs will not crack, spread, or reappear, and will be as strong as the rest of your windshield.

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